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What is Massage?

Massage is a systematic method of manipulating the soft tissue of the body for specific health and wellness purposes. It is one of many holistic ways of obtaining and maintaining good health. The objective of Massage is simple. To restore physical (and in some cases mental) function, ease pain, release tension, and promote relaxation. 

Benfits of Massage

We all knows that a good, professional massage feels great. But are you aware of the many and wonderful health benefits that are related to this ancient art of touch. Here is a system by system analysis of how a massage may improve your health.

  Skeletal System:

  - increased mobility and range of motion

  - Encourages proper skeletal alignment

  Muscular System:

  - Release of knots, tension, and muscular congestion

  - Helps to maintain and improves flexibility

  - Aides in the removal of metabolic waste/toxins from muscles

  - Eases muscular pain

  - Aides in recovery from strains, and other muscular injuries

  - Relieves stiffness, soreness, and stress

  - Reduces Adhesions in muscles and tendons

  Nervous System:

  - "Calms the nerves" by relaxing the senses

  - Helps relieve anxiety, depression and other emotional disorders

   through a calming touch that sends messages to the nervous system

  - Stimulates receptors of the nervous system

  - Helps in dulling painful sensations

 Lymphatic System:

  - Boost the immune system by pushing the fluid during the effleurage

    (massage) motion

  - Increases circulation in the Lymph system

Respiratory System:

  - Massage increases the actions of your heart. This stimulates blood 

    flow to and from the lungs.

  Circulatory System:

  - Increases blood circulation via the push of effleurage motion

    towards the heart

  - Helps in the development of a healthy heart.

  Digestive Stystem:

  - Encourages peristalsis activity (wave like motion that pushes the

   bolus (food/waste) through the gastric intestinal tract

  - improves the state of the digestive muscles

  - Can ease digestive pain, or discomfort

  - Can help to regulate digestive system

  Integumentary (Skin) System:

  - Improves skin elasticity

  - Helps in the repair of scars

  - Improves skin's color and tone through dilation of surface capillaries

  - Increases circulation and blood flow to skin

  - Nourishes skin through local blood stimulation