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  Receiving a massage from a trained professional of your choice is completely safe for most people. It is a healthy non-invasive therapy that can help add joy to your life. However, massage is not recommended in some cases.

  Contraindications are conditions that may call for the avoidance of massage services. You should know that there are two types of contraindications, local and absolute. Local contraindication means that there should be no massage in a particular area. Take for instance a bruise, small cut, or burn on one spot, these are local contraindications. Absolute contraindication is a situation that would call for the complete avoidance of massage until the conditions clears or changes. Take for example a Cold/flu or being in your First Trimester of Pregnancy, these are absolute contraindication.  If you find that you are experiencing strange feelings and symptoms or any of the conditions listed below,  please feel free to call Jamila, a massage professional at 470-868-5572.

Thank you.

Local Contraindication:


Swollen Lymph Glands

Athletes Foot


Broken Bone/Fracture

Rash/Certain Skin Infections



Severe Local Inflammation

Absolute Contraindication:



First Trimester of Pregnancy



Any Highly Contagious illness


Blood Clot/ Thrombosis